Roderick Bradford Jr

Trained Professional Actor


" My mission is to be diligent in my task to artistically use the lens of humanity to boldly 
challenge, inspire, and liberate the human culture one performance at a time."


Recent Projects

Checkered Flag

Local Commercial

The Hilton Tapestry Collection Promo Video

Promo Video

Mobike Promo Video

Local Commercial


Whats New?


The Bradfords just got bigger!!!

February, 24, 2018

Roderick and Chanell tie the knot and become one in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Also, during the reception, we found out that they're expecting a girl! Baby Yara is on her way.

Hunting for Bugs

February, 2018

Took some time to tear up the place in search of a bug for a popular bug commercial, but first, I need make up.

Adam Finds Eve in Charlotte?

December 2017

Just reconnected with some friends from undergrad to shoot my very first music video!

Roderick Bradford Jr. spends two days in shooting in Philadelphia.

October, 10, 2017

Roderick works on set with History Making Productions to tell the story of the late John Anderson. This show is scheduled to air on 6abc in several months.

"Creativity is excellence, discipline is duty, standard does not compromise."

Professor Hassan Kirkland




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